• Black Market Britain/Undercover Benefits Cheat/Sham Wedding Crashers

    Black Market Britain/Undercover Benefits Cheat/Sham Wedding Crashers

    Undercover investigations for Channel 5 into Britain’s criminal networks and the mafias who run them. Read about the sham marriage episode and watch the video on the Mail Online.

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  • How Facebook Changed the World: The Arab Spring – Part 2

    How Facebook Changed the World: The Arab Spring – Part 2

    Mishal Husain reports on how the internet and social media were used during the recent revolutions across the Arab world. Travelling back to the region, she meets people who helped spread the revolt from Libya to Bahrain and those still fighting to topple the Syrian regime.  

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  • StreetKids United

    StreetKids United

    StreetKids United – official selection at the Berlinale , UK cinema release: Lexi London, Bath Little Theatre Cinema, Norwich  Cinema City, Oxford Phoenix, Canterbury Cinema Directed by Tim Pritchard “Up-lifting and empowering; if you are looking for a genuine feel-good film, start here!” – the Lexi cinema In 2010, as South Africa geared up for the World […]

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  • Crimesnappers


    SHOOTING THE CRIME The Observer (2003) Hidden away in an unremarkable tower block in an anonymous part of south London is an extraordinary secret storeroom. Inside, concealed in discreet brown folders and filed along rows upon rows of metal shelves are hundreds of thousands of photographs taken by the Metropolitan Police Photographic Branch. Marked only […]

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  • The Force

    The Force

    THE LAST DAYS OF THE RUC (The Guardian 2000) For the past 8 months, I have been trying to film the Royal Ulster Constabulary for a Channel 4 series. There were two main aims. To get an insider’s view of Northern Ireland’s painful transition towards peace and to chart the progress of the RUC, its […]

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  • Hostage


    HEZBOLLAH The Guardian (1999) It was a hard and brutal stare that held no trace of anger, disdain or humour. It was almost impossible to penetrate. It was the stare of a man who knew he was going to get his way. The stand-off lasted a few minutes. Then, out of the corner of my […]

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  • When Black Became Beautiful

    When Black Became Beautiful

    NAOMI CAMPBELL AND ME It was every boy’s dream. I was behind the scenes at New York Fashion Week and some of the world’s most beautiful women were undressing in front of me. In the basement of the New York Public Library on 5th Avenue that served as the dressing and make-up room, I saw […]

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